Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jones Beach...

The Jensens drove us to Long Island the other day and we had our first beach experience with the twins. This was my first time on a New York beach. 



The Allemans came from New Haven to join us too. Becca and I met at a Christmas party almost 5 years ago and hadn't seen each other since. Reconnected through the Jensens. Small world. 

As you can see, we weren't the only ones with Jones Beach in mind. I've never been on such a crowded and diverse beach in my life. 
See our 1/2 sun/beach tent for the boys above? It was a lifesaver for sure. 

One of my favorite children's stories is an A-Z book of various NYC sites. The only letter that I wasn't familiar with prior to reading is "J" for "Jones Beach." Although a pain to get to by rail, it was on the list of places to go while living here. So we were super pleased when Lizzie invited us. 
The illustrations to this book are amazing as seen below. The Jones Beach boat with the baby blue inside is authentic. 2 lifeguards on the stand is too. I love the plane flying overhead cause JFK is so close. 

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Casey said...

Jones Beach is so beautiful. I love the photo with the lifeguards and rowboat. You're right though, it is SUCH a pain to get to, but I've got to get myself out there some time this summer.