Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last of Louisiana pics...

Clearly Monroe is a place I love to document. It was the twins first time visiting this place I still like to call home. I look forward to introducing them to some of the treasures the south has to offer in years to come.

After I dropped Andrew off at the airport he called and said his flight was cancelled. That gave us a few more hours to play. We took the boys to the pool; although, we probably weren't there for more than 15 minutes. 

Clyde (above) Charles (below)


Everyone gathered for a family hour. Lots to learn from Grandpa Leishman. My family adores Andrew's Grandpa. When G. LoLo left, his name still lingered in conversation.


My sister's nephew's (on her husband's side) came in town from Arizona for part of the time we were there. 7 sons in this one fam--2 of which are identical twins. Hyrum (left) & Jarom (right). I've heard so much about these boys it was great to meet them at last. They might have something to do with Charles's middle name being Hyrum too.

Playdate with the Lane twins. 

Mom & Clyde


Cookie Cake traditions--must buy when I come home. Mom brought me one right before I delivered the boys too. Unlike any other cookie cake.

I went to dinner with my Grandma one night. I came home and Courtney had the boys swaddled for sleeping measures. The bottom line is that my boys will never sleep as well as Sydney Caroline. 

Clyde at church in his boy bonnet.
& at last, Coral & Fred engaged to be wed. Love them!  Timeless friend. We've seen each other through a lot of different stages in life. Meeting Fred completed years worth of talking and anticipating. Does that even make sense?

Me & Clyde.



Chris and Paige Evans said...

I can't believe how many twins are in your family/how many you know! Looks like such a fun trip :)

Liz Jensen said...

I love all the double twin pics too. So glad you got to go home!

breanna said...

LOVE all the pictures, but the one of them on their tummies is ADORABLE!!! come back soooonn! I miss those babies!

Amanda and William said...

I loved all these pictures!!! Great memories for yall.

Mari Kjar said...

i have too many comments in my mind from these wonderful pics! the pink wall behind heather brings me back in time! fun memories there :) the top pic of sydney and the boys is priceless. too much adorable!!! congrats to coral and fred! happy to see pictures of them. fun to see older boy twins with yours. amazing post! love you much.

Diana Hulme said...

Ah...looks like such a fun trip! You look fab in your swimsuit, hot mama. And I love the monograms, just adorable. Sydney & the boys are priceless. Love it all!