Saturday, July 21, 2012


Andrew's mom sent a motivational quote to the fam the other day which read, "The number of Saturdays between the day your child is born and the time he/she turns 18 is 940. 940 Saturdays should serve as a reminder to cherish the time you have with your child and use it wisely." - Dr. Harley Rotbart

Here's to making sure every Saturday counts. 

Norma's Brunch at Le Parker Meridien 
Can't say I had the $1000 omelet full of caviar. I'd pay a small fee to not eat that actually. Loved the free shot glass of pineapple smoothie as well as freshly squeezed orange juice.

They were great about accommodating the boys. They let us pull the stroller right up to the table in fact. A lot of places get really overwhelmed by stollers. I get it. It's NYC packing people in to small spaces. But Andrew and I have decided that by the time you tuck the stroller into the table, 1/2 of the stroller, including front wheels, is out of the way under the table (we'll deal with the leg room issue on our own) and the rest of the stroller is less than an extra large man equivalent. I laughed so hard when Andrew said to me, "You wouldn't turn someone away for being really big would you?"

The menu is catchy with cutsey names of the different dishes. This is their most popular dish, the Wa-Za. Fruit inside and out with a Creme Brulee finish on the banana. Bam!

When we walked out of the hotel lobby, we noticed a street market going down 6th Avenue. All the weekend markets that we stumble upon are starting to look the exact same. So the neatest part was walking down the center line of 6th Avenue. Usually bombarded with traffic and taxis, it just felt good to be a pedestrian in the middle.  

The boys passed out in their stroller after brunch. Andrew likes to man the stroller any chance he gets. 

Cheap sheets with a high thread count. The first time I saw these I actually thought about it. lol


Edible magnets for days, anyone? 

You've seen it. Now you don't have to go.


lyndsey said...

this post made me laugh, especially your thoughts on the omelet. glad you had a fun saturday -- you guys are such a cute little fam.

Liz Jensen said...

So funny. I totally remember having the same thoughts about those markets-but love walking the streets too! Ps you look beautiful!