Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clawsons take Flordia...

On a good year, my mom's family reunions in Florida where my grandparents retired. With the additional rentals, we were spread out in 8 houses this year. 

I spy twins!

Missing my cousin Tanner this year who is serving a Spanish mission in Las Vegas. 

All the great-grandkids

My Aunt Caroline & cousin Ashton


I thought this was a Savvy 7 (siblings) pic but my grandmother got in and Aunt Caroline is out 

Every night a different family was in charge of family night. 

Best-friend sister-in-law situation here (pic below but potentially the pic above too). My Aunt Gayla is married to my mom's brother.

Family History night

Distractions in family night

ping pong/dinner in Nana's garage

This view from Scott's rental was so beautiful

Andrew wasn't able to make it the entire week so Kellee was my little side kick helping with the twins. Hello Clyde!


Nana, Sophie, & Clyde

Charles (left) Clyde (right)

Charles's combover for life



Chris and Paige Evans said...

Wow you have a ginormous, beautiful family! I love the picture of everyone sprawled out everywhere for Family Night. The Evans's are well on their way to being in 8 houses :)

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Great pics! and loved your comment about us! best friends for sure!