Saturday, August 18, 2012

Twiner's 1st Real Game...

I think this little love seat was made for these guys.

Although no one else probably noticed that the boys were wearing smocked lions for Leo the Lion, it was planned. I was so happy he came by for a pic. 



We were able to hit two soccer games when we were in Utah actually. It was great seeing NYC's Lizzie there too. Baby James slept from the moment we picked them up to when we dropped them off--extra long nap is all.

Real invited fans to come sit on the field and enjoy the fireworks. It was a neat sight. Fireworks were extra special too. I liked how they played tunes during the firework show.


Mary Martha said...

Can I comment on my own blog post? This is my all time favorite. I love these boys so much!!! I could of never imagined this.

Andrew Checketts said...

I would say its ok to comment on your on post. Thanks for documenting the twins first soccer game. First of many!