Monday, September 24, 2012

Bill Cunningham & Fashion Week...

It's such a pleasant surprise to run into Mr. Bill at work. When he's on the scene, I put on my game face to see someone special. Anna Wintor addressed him perfect, "We all dress for Bill." From what I noticed, those that are important enough to land the FW ticket, will stop and pose for Bill and keep walking past other photographers. 
Background: 83 year old street photographer for over 50 years and his spreads are in the New York Times. This blue coat is his signature. He gets coveted invites to various NY socialite parties. I look forward to watching his documentary.

One of the models being interviewed outside the Lincoln Center. I did order a green smoothie later that day. Subconsciously, she might have had something to do with it without me realizing until later. 


Fashion Week is so fashion forward it seems like anything goes. Just standing outside I saw everything from hot pink nike high-tops with a black suit to a cape. 

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neil and jes said...

Bill Cunningham New York is available for free on Hulu right now! Was really fun to watch.