Saturday, September 15, 2012

Charles Hyrum...

Introducing Sir Charles...

  • He is a total flapper. When he gets excited he flaps his hands up and down and rocks back and forth. When I get the solids out, his flapping is at a high. 
  • Charles loves his food. When these guys were younger it was tricky deciding who would get to nurse first. Most all the time, it ended up being this guy. 
  • He is okay with Clyde grabbing his toy out of his hand. He is really a content little guy. He just watched Clyde roll over for a couple weeks before he thought he'd try.
  • His passionate side comes out when he is hungry and tired. Other than that, he is super content if those basic needs are met. 
  • Charles loves to stare. Andrew has commented before that it seems like he is staring into your heart. I completely agree. I love locking eyes with this guy cause it is a special moment that lasts. 
  • Charles loves one-on-one time and is very aware when he is getting it. He enjoys sitting across from his brother and playing with toys, but he lives it up when he is in my arms playing around. 
  • Although he can hold his own bottle, he prefers another to hold it. He loves throwing his hands up and back and relaxing in a sprawled out position. He has done that since day 1. 
  • He puffs out his chest when he stands in my lap. He is so proud of himself when he kicks away in the tub too. He'll kick-kick-kick for 10 seconds then stop and look at me for the appraisal. Just as I start to give it to him he grins big and starts up again. We go back and forth doing that for a long while. 
  • Charles has very expressive eyes. He can furrow his eyebrows like his daddy. 
  • He has a sweet combover. 
  • Since birth, Charles has been slightly bigger than his brother. 
  • For the past week he has enjoyed clapping his hands together. 
  • My favorite face of his is when he smacks his lips together whiling grinning at the same time.
Christine Simmons from New Canaan took all of these photos. I adore.



Martha Abell said...

Love Charles so much! Great post.

Tempest and Ben said...

Aww thanks for sharing! Your boys are too cute! They are getting so big! I hope I get the pleasure of meeting the lil cuties sometime!!

Lizzie said...

ADORABLE PICTURES! Love this post.

Diana Hulme said...

I love these descriptions! It's fun to hear how different they are. Ollie puffed out his chest sometimes when he was tiny too - I loved it. :) The pictures are great - once again, those smiley boys are the cutest!!!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I love this little flapper! and I love their individual personalities.. looking forward to your visit!

Bryan and Whitney said...

Love these boys!