Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clyde David...

Many twin moms focus on individualizing and separating each child's identity. I get why. But I'm okay with these little squirts leaning and relying on each a bit more than suggested. It's only starting to unfold, but I can tell these two share something really special. And I think the self-identity thing will take care of itself with time without me having to force it. They weren't just born at the same time; they share the same genes and DNA. I don't want to mess with this. These boys are so lucky to have each other. I hope they cling together where the brotherhood becomes a really powerful bond for them both. 

Having said that, people are always asking what's different about these two. I realized the twins never had their own post. 

Presenting Sir Clyde...
  •  Clyde's distinguishing physical characteristic from his brother is that he has a head of hair fuzz. 
  • He rarely sits backs and watches like his brother. He is always jumping in the bouncer or reaching out towards something. Extremely energetic.
  • The noises he makes melt my heart. It's like he is talking to me, but my imagination gets to decide what he is saying. 
  • If I'm across the room pumping or folding clothes, when I make eye contact with this guy, he shoots me the biggest grin ever. He is a total smiler. 
  • The moment I lay this guy on his back he tries to roll over so he can lift his head and look around. He has one of the greatest updog poses I've ever seen. I'm getting good at changing his diaper backwards.
  • He touches everything in his reach. Extremely curious too.
  • When Charles is holding a toy, it becomes far more attractive than the one Clyde is holding. 
  • My favorite face that he does is when he opens his eyes really big and drops his mouth opens as if he is saying "Oh!" in a surprised tone. 
  • Although he doesn't generally sleep as long as Charles, Clyde will babble or play around in his crib until Charles wakes up. 
Pictures taken by Christine Simmons.



Martha Abell said...

Love little Clyde! Can't wait to see them in October. You r a great mother.

Lizzie said...

Love these individual posts but love that you focus on "the brotherhood" too. You are a great mom!! These pictures are SO SO SO cute.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

that last pic of clyde is so cute!!! hahaha. and the pics caught his fuzzy hair perfect. I love it!