Monday, September 10, 2012

Cooper's Beach in the Hamptons...

Coopers Beach in Southampton was about 20 minutes from where we stayed in Westhampton. 

This was the most incredible beach. big waves. fine fluffy sand. lots of beach space. beautiful homes. We went later in the day around 4:00, so we bypassed the crowd and hefty parking fee and ended up being one of the last to leave the beach. Our feet sunk deep in the sand so our twilight walk along the beach as the sun was going down was very short lived because it was just too exhausting. I'm used to more compact sand, which is another reason I was so amazed by Cooper's Beach. 

Andrew loves flying the boys 

Boys were enthralled by this lingering Seagull. 


Walking through Westhampton's main street

Delicious black/white cookie at Beach Bakery


Lizzie said...

So glad you made it over to Coopers Beach! Next summer we need a beach day there for sure.

Danielle said...

For some reason I forget NY is an island. Charles & Clyde make my day in those Superman, Batman outfits. Can't wait to meet them someday.

Casey said...

AWESOME photos! I love those little boys. They are getting to such a fun age.