Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fashion Night Out 2012...

Four year's ago the city implemented a FNO to kick off Fashion Week. Last year, I was far too twin-ill to participate. Andrew and I took one of those little bike taxi's around to see all the people dressed up for their big night out and that was our FNO. This year I was excited to experience it. And it was my bday too. Andrew was a total champ to go with me. He seemed to really enjoy it too. Prime time entertainment with how fashion forward some people are or attempt to be. Since our night life is usually non-existent, it was fun to be out with the lively people, great food, and good music.  

 Tory Burch... ta-da! It was easy to pick out which stores had celebrities because the line to meet them went out the door. There was no line here though. I just walked right up, noticed her, said hello, and took a pic. The DJ was playing the music so loud you couldn't even hear yourself think. It was get-in and get-out or loose your hearing.

Diane von Furstenberg was in her store with Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, DJing. I wasn't going to wait in line to see her, but took a pic from outside the glass walls. It wasn't DVF's typical wrap dress crowd. Knowles really changed that up a bit. I later read in the paper that DVF went to leave at 10 to hear 'babma's convention speech. And she went so far to say, "There are no Republicans in here. This is a Democratic party. Solange is a Democrat." Politics aside, she should stick to the design room, and someone should take away the mic.  

Her hair confuses me. She is one of the most respectable designers in the industry, but her hair is a absolute mess. Am I missing something? Maybe its her statement? 

Brooklyn Decker was at the Target Shops; although, this is just a pic of the DJ below. Loved the glass bottle drinks they were handing out. 

Lucy Schwartz giving a concert at Anthropolige. I had never heard of her, but she had her sing-along following.

Soho lit up at night...

I actually started the night in SOHO, but as soon as Andrew got off work around 8ish we headed to the Meat Packing District where there wouldn't be so many people. I later found out that was Pippa Middleton's place of choice on FNO too; great minds thinking along the same line...  
I did SOHO solo, which hindsight was best because it was packed and I just popped in and out of places seeing what was going on. SOHO is the least navigable place in the city with a double stroller I think. But I still do it. The twins and myself are not intimidated. But it was great to go in and out of stores I usually wouldn't bother. Had Drew been with me, I would of needed to slow down and bit. Glad he was with me in Meat Packing. That was my preference of the night hands down. 

Dancers/DJ in the window display. A guy was standing outside Express yelling "FREE mani's and pedi's." It's just one big free night. People don't shop. It's all about what you get for free. For myself included. Sad. But free has never tasted, smelled, and looked so good as it does in NYC. Reputable food carts were even lined up giving out their free goods.  


Party at C Wonder. I heard Soho is nuts on FNO, but I was curious to see what these guys would do. So much fun. DJ, treats, drinks, and lots of free raffles. Some of the employees were asking where the twins were. That's embarrassing they know me. 


Wasn't going to pose at the UGG backdrop solo. Was waiting on Andrew to join me at this point...

Every been in a jam-packed Tiffany's. It's kind of an oxymornon. They were one of the few not handing out free things, except maybe some mints. FNO is not their crowd or cup of tea.

Kate Spade had some kind of game show/host event. It was as lively as all their colors and patterns. Overstimulation though (my new favorite word since having babies).

Bond No 9 Car. Love their scents, but love the artistic bottles representing different parts of the city more. 

 LuLu Lemon participated with a DJ. 


This one size fits most was in Madwell maybe. Wondering if that is really true...

Water anyone? Straight from the fire hydrant...

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