Thursday, September 13, 2012

US Open 2012...

Andrew and I had a night free my b-day week so we really wanted to see some tennis, but the weather was super iffy. We tracked all day, and when the rain forecast dropped to 10%, we pulled the trigger (around 3:00). An hour later it was 60% chance of rain. Bummer. We got there with an hour rain delay at least ahead of us. But we enjoyed roaming the tennis grounds meanwhile. Plenty to see, do, and eat. It was painless. In fact, we waited all that time and missed the first couple games of Andy Roddick's final match.

BUT, we only saw an hour of tennis, Andy's last first set of tennis. The rain poured and we lingered another hour only to learn it was cancelled. Second time around with delays, we really should of been bummed, but thanks to instagram we learned that some of our dearest friends were there at the game too. So we chatted with them during the delays before learning the session was called for the night. 

I was disappointed we didn't get to see the Bryant Brothers (twins) play their doubles match. And we couldn't come back the following day because it was during work hours. 

BUT, we got a full refund on our tickets. So a free-fun night that turned out to be a great night. 
I love watching tennis. I'm defiantly partial to tennis under lights; although, I had a great time last year. So long & farewell, Andy Roddick. 

Standing outside Arthur Ashe Stadium during the rain delay. The tennis grounds were actually neat to explore so the wait was surprisingly painless. 

I thought this was neat. But Andrew said it was ESPN Deportes station like it wasn't so cool. Picture worthy nevertheless. 

So many courts surrounding Arthur Ashe. I've heard the first couple days of the tourni are amazing because you walk around and there is so much tennis being played everywhere. 

Hope to see him play one day...

Andy at work with his incredible serve....

Under the lights...

So fun discovering the Egans were there too. 

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