Sunday, September 9, 2012

Westhampton, New York...

Labor Day weekend we went in with 5 other families for a house rental. The weekend highlight was all the great company.

The twins exhausted themselves in the pool everyday, which made for great naps.

The weekend was one big play-date for the twins. Samantha was born 3 weeks before the twins. 

I love Clyde's face here. Flirty face?


Andrew, "Superman Charles is meant to fly."



This is such a fun age as I see the boy's confidence grow daily. 



Simply said, the guy who we rented the house from is a big-time toy collector. I thought Chucky could come alive in the basement. We enjoyed these baby-mobiles though. 

Besides Hudson in the center who just turned 1, all the rest of the babies were born within 3 months of each other. 


Liz Jensen said...

Clyde's flirty face totally cracked me up. Fun weekend!

Janvier said...

Your kids are the cutest. I love their outfits! The picture above of your husband tossing your little guy in the air is such a great shot! I love your little guys even without knowing them!

Diana Hulme said...

How fun! This looks like the best weekend ever. Clyde & Charles are the sweetest, happiest little guys! I love them. And YOU are a gorgeous mama - I love your swimsuits! You are looking amazing. xoxo