Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire...

Courtney's family was too generous hosting my family at the lake. It's an amazingly gorgeous place that overwhelms me every time I'm there.  However, being with Courtney's family beats the lake in all its glory. & then the two coupled together...  I'm glad my sister could get to know Court's sisters better. Kindreds, I think. 

I love the old fashioned boats. Miss Winnie herself floating proud.

 My nephew, Dixon, and Charles in the infant life jacket that wouldn't zip up all the way.



 Lobster Dinner


Christian was able to work there all week. He set up his temp office in the lake house and could come out for some rounds in between calls. Sounds like the perfect job...

Courtney wake surfing

Headed into town for ice-cream.


Local concert right off the dock in town

Proud Godmother of this girl


Oh the Yum Yum.
breakfast, lunch, and dinner

11 PM water slide crowd down the 250 foot slide


Sydney Caroline has something for Charles. 


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Lizzie said...

What a dreamy vacation!