Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 months...

-Andrew recently labeled the twins as King Charles and Clyde the Jester. Charles loves to sit on his bum and play with anything within his reach while Clyde is crawling, getting into everything, and doing circles around Charles. Charles is a little more tentative, but I think it's charming. 
-If Charles is anywhere around while Clyde is nursing, then Clyde takes 5-10 gulps and has to look over at his brother to make sure he doesn't miss anything. When Charles latches, he is completely focused on the task at hand. 
-Both are starting to notice when I leave the room, and they don't like it--Charles especially. I was starting to wonder if having each other was satisfying enough for them, but they do actually have eyes for their mommy. I'm relieved. 
-They both weigh a whooping 20 lbs. Charles has 1/2 a pound on his brother though. And both are 28.5 inches.
- Every day I'm able to witness precious Twin Moments that I need to do a better job of recording. Yesterday, Clyde had a repetitive 4 sneezes. In between each one, Charles gave out the cutest belly laugh. 
- These boys love to clap, although rarely on command. 
- When Charles gets really sad he goes from sitting straight up to burying his head into the ground in front of him. It's the cutest thing ever, making it hard for me to take his tears serious.
- I love getting my boys dressed everyday (most days; we have PJ days for sure though). I enjoy of the baby-pampreing of the lotions, layers, and so forth. 


Clyde has some serious bed-head, and I didn't even realize until I saw these pics. 


Kymee Steenblik said...

So cute! I can't believe they are 8 months! They totally look like Checketts I love it!

Liz Jensen said...

I'm missing these boys and you. Love the personality you captured here!

Cory and Lyndsey said...

So crazy how old they are! So cute :)

Mari Kjar said...

this is so special. i love this post!!!