Monday, October 1, 2012

9/11 Memorial...

Heather & Taylor reserved tickets for the 9/11 Memorial just a few days after the actual anniversary. It was a sweet time to visit as there were still flowers and even pictures taped to some of the victims names from family visiting a few days earlier. The last time I was at the memorial, it was pouring rain so it was a completely different experience for me. 

One of the things I love most about the memorial is that although the city is so loud, this is really a peaceful, tranquil, and quite place. Walking around, I can hear neighboring construction of the freedom tower but that has its significance to me also. It's exciting to be apart of the rebuilding era of 9/11. But that's probably easier for me to say since I don't actually live downtown and deal with the day to day traffic of it all.

I look forward to the museum opening next year.


How will I ever explain this horrific event to these boys? That was an overwhelming thought to think about as I was walking around. Then I thought of my grandparents explaining Pearl Harbor to me and how I didn't even begin to grasp it until I actually visited the memorial. 

Heather and I had a full day on the actual anniversary of 9/11. But before bed, we made a quick trip downtown to see the Freedom Tower all lit up as well as the two lights that shine upwards representing the twin towers. 



Lizzie said...

I remember my Mom telling me about JFK's assassination, I think she cried when she told me her memories about it. It will be hard to relay the events of our lifetime to our kids, too. Jenna posted on her blog a bit ago about Davis asking her "what really happened" on 9/11. She had some good thoughts about it.

Sarina said...

Hi Mary Martha,
You may be interested in a great children's book called "Fireboat" by Maira Kalman that is about a restored, privately owned fireboat that helped ferry people to safety on 9/11. I've been reading it to my 3 boys since the oldest was 3-years-old. They have enjoyed it because it's about fireboats, but the book has also given us the opportunity to talk about 9/11 through the years (in an appropriate manner).
Best, Sarina Vetterli (Katie's friend)