Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia...

My family recently met together for a quick weekend. Actually, only half of my family ended up making it, but we still have to plan/execute time together. Atlanta seemed like a good middle ground for us all living in different regions--direct flight. I loath layovers.


We practiced dunking the boys under water some. Charles was a little lethargic in the pool not feeling too well so Clyde was the only participant. He seemed to love it. There were no tears so we did it over and over again. Andrew would just blow into Clyde's face which triggered him to hold his breath.  Then he was ready to go under. 


Charles not feeling so hot...

We spent most of the weekend with a dear family who we share over 65 years of a friendship with. My grandpa met in college and later fought in WWII with their grandpa. My parents are good friends with his children, and now we're on to the 3rd generation of strong friendships. My grandmother still speaks with Miss Dot on the phone. Both are now widows. It was great being with them this weekend and visiting their beautiful farm. 


(above) They have a really sweet burial site for their dogs. 
(below) Clyde balancing and standing up lots. Plenty of banged heads causing some tears too. 


It's not the right season for the blue corduroy jon-jon in NYC, but perfect for Georgia and soon Louisiana. 

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