Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chicago living...

It was so sweet to be together again. And with kids! Hard to believe we met in the dorms nearly 8 years ago.

Tate, where's Clyde nose?

It was great seeing the Merrifields too. Wish we could have spent more time with them but our time was too limited. John-John and Andrew were mission companions and I knew him from EFY when I was 14. Clyde is giving Mari Skylar a cute look here. 


People watching at its finest. Could and did  for hours. Possibly the best time of the trip was when Harold and I achieved our goal of getting the entire club (the top floor) to look at us. We started by blinking the lights and proceeded from there. Andrew and Kellee thought we were a bit crazy, but Harold and I were on the same wave length. It's a hotel underneath the top floor club. We saw a bride get ready and the after party return to the corner suite too. We saw a very demonstrative marital fight in another room. Those just name a couple...

Their view down state street. I wish I could take better night pics.

And their roof deck was so amazing. Glad I captured this phone call...

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