Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chicago's Bean...

We took the twins to Chicago last week to visit my brother, Harold/Kellee, and Angela/Tate. I've only seen Angela once since college so this was a well anticipated and over-due visit. It was my first time meeting Taters too. What a cute little man. 
Andrew was able to work from his company offices in Chicago too, and I spent the days with Kellee and Angela strolling around the city. I quickly fell in love with their city. 

Iconic Cloud Gate located in Millennium Park. Not a single seam in the stainless steel that mirrors. & there is something magnetic inside that draws people in. 


(above) Standing underneath the bean creates a neat illusion.
(below) facing the bean for a pic. Wish we were more creative...

interesting waterfall in the park with a creepy looking guy digitalized on the side. 

This is the view of Millennium Park from Angela's apartment. Amazing! 

The boys playing while we ate Angela's delicious breakfast. Tate knows just what to do with twins because he has identical twin nephew his same age too. 


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Lizzie said...

I am inspired by how much you travel with the twins. I've always wanted to go to Chicago.