Friday, October 12, 2012

Last of Chicago...

White Sox game with the fam // One-and-done-fan

Besides St. Patrick's day, do they dye the water this color?


We went on the architectural boat tour along the river. It was such a fascinating tour learning about all the various buildings. But I didn't have my camera and my iphone just didn't cut it, but here you have it. 

Being here in the middle of the river where it forks three ways was one of the most amazing city sites. 


The twins were such troppers. I rarely keep them out after hours. I prefer putting my babies to sleep at 7:00 and then occasionally having a sitter hang out so Andrew and I can go out. But the boat tour was full, so we waited around for a later one. This ended up being ideal because the tour was part daylight and part at night. The city is beautiful to see in both senarios. Charles look distraught here. He was actually a trooper and total cuddle bug. 


(above) Sears Tower. I forget the new name...
(below) 2nd biggest building I think they said after the Pentagon.

Full moon. I'm practically crying at this point that I didn't have my camera. 

Isn't she beautiful? 


View of Navy Pier...



The Tribune Tower has fragments of famous buidling from all over the world that have been incorporated into the lower level structures of the building.  There are stones from the Taj Mahal, Parthenon, Westminster Abby, blah blah. A piece of steel from the World Trade Centers has been added but I never saw that one. 

Salt Lake Temple stone



Charles with his arms out and Clyde in the mommy cocoon.
There are lots of gratifying moments as a mom. One of the best is walking with a baby as an extremity with legs dangling down. The closer the better. 


Andrew with his boys at Harold and Kellee's church. This one was too cute not to share. 

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Liz Jensen said...

What a fun trip, and I love that last picture!