Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life lately with these yiddle widdles...

We've prided ourself since the earliest days of these two lives on putting the twins in their crib awake so they learn to fall asleep on their own. It has been a huge blessing for us. We bathe, read, then off they go. It's not a drawn out process. And I'm not held hostage by my kids as my mom was by me.  For example, on a rare occasion that a sitter has to put them to sleep, it's easy-peazy; just drop them in and walk out of the room. This method has its drawbacks too though as sometimes I wish I could rock and cradle them more individually. But for twins, this style has been super effective. This would probably be my top parenting advise for the up and coming too.

However, now that they have the self-soothing method down on their own, I've been adding a little wrinkle to bedtime. The bath and books thing come and go so quickly and by the end of that circus when the boys are asleep, I'm left with a mess. So I've implemented some playtime in their cribs while mommy cleans up a bit. Tis sweet is the moment where my kids are asleep, and the apartment is clean.   

This particular pre-bedtime-party was in Clyde's crib. 

The smallest things babies do are so magnificent in the mommy's eyes. 
"Good grabbing boys. Good touching." I find myself saying the silliest things. 


My kids don't actually sleep in smocking. This was before a nap.

Clyde (left) Charles (right)
We're obsessed with cups. They were THE thing that bribed Clyde to crawl for the first time. Charles... still working on it. 



Janice said...

Carras' cousin here. I just adore seeing these cute little boys. What a blessing you have!

Casey said...

These photos are great. I miss these boys! You can tell they love each other and keep the other busy. They're going to be best friends!

Lizzie said...

But if they did sleep in smocking that would be fine too.

Also James squealed at the computer when these pictures of the twins came up. It was so cute.

Suzie and Chadd said...

Totally my philosophy too!! Say I love you, drop em in and lights out! It's marvelous! And babysitters do love it too ;)


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