Monday, October 29, 2012

Presidential debate at Hofstra ...

Andrew and I were so lucky to land tickets to the  presidential debate at Hofstra University a few weeks ago. The moderator refereed to it as a "front row ticket in history" as 60 million people would be tuning in. I'm glad we went, but I will say it was a hassle to do so. We trained out to Hampstead Long Island where we then taxied to an off site location to pick up tickets and go through security. They then shuttled us to campus. We then had a nerve-racking wait where various passionate supporters were talking the issues.  Following the debate, we had almost a 2 hour wait before we could leave the campus (had to wait until the president was gone) to head home. 

Megyn Kelly. This pic is for mom...

After the debate. 

The highlight of the night was seeing Court's parents who came down from DC and Andrew's mission Presidents too. The pic with them didn't turn out unfortunatly. But they were so kind to give us a ride back to the city so we didn't have to train. 

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