Monday, October 15, 2012

Sydney Caroline & her guys....

It's a sweet moment to see your best friend's baby bond with your own. We've got generations coming together here. Sydney Caroline & Courtney came to visit for a quick two days. From the moment Sydney Caroline walked in the door she was saying, "Where are the guys?" First of all, she's not even 2. And secondly, she was drawn to the twins the entire time she was here. She played with them and helped hold their bottles even.  I didn't know little ones her age could love others so much. It was apparent that Courtney had been prepping her for this moment, on top of our many face-time chats which are usually initiated when S.C. inquires about them. 

Thanks Courtney for spoiling us in our own home. She brought these PJ's for starters...

I love Sydney's natural curls. 


Sydney doing "This little piggy" to Clyde. Then she would kiss his feet.


Courtney & Sydney Caroline on the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us. Did you know FAO Swartz was owned by Toys R US? Good to know. They carry some of the FAO branding things downstairs. 

The Bloopers

Similar shot just 4 months ago when Sydney Caroline came to Louisiana for the boy's blessing day. This is their 4th time together meeting in 3 different states. The distance won't weaken these three's bond. 


Lizzie said...

This is absolutely adorable.

mommy watsky said...

These three little ones are precious. You are so lucky to have such a close friendship to pass on to your little ones.