Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The NYC Ballet Opening Night Gala...

Mari & I, with kiddos in tow, walked up the red carpet gala for the Lincoln Center ballet. The twins were expired after a full day so we weren't able to stick around and see Sarah Jessica Parker or Anne Hathaway strut their stuff. Bummer! It was probably mere minutes after we left. At the time I had no idea who we'd see but saw pics the following day. Our kids were the only ones around and the twin's cries were ruining the moment for the other spectators. 

The pic below was taken around 5:00 when we headed to Levain Bakery. By the time we got back the black cars were starting to pull up and all the photographers had arrived. 


Picturesque Empire Hotel and 15 CPW in the background.

Mari & Clyde
We'd turn around and Jonah was walking away in his stroller. Such a cutie--true red carpet distraction. 


The pinnacle point of tears that sent us home. 


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