Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two peas in a swinging pod...

Our new favorite activity...  I'm a little late discovering this treasure since it's becoming a tight fit for these two. The boys love it. And so do I for so many reasons. 


Clyde (green); Charles (blue)
Charles started to doze off. His eyes got real heavy, and he relaxed his head so it started banging into his brothers. 



This particular playground is lined with nannies sitting on the benches during the week, but on Sundays the parents are available to come out and no one is sitting on the benches hardly. Interesting transformation. 

Charles  (above and below)

Charles above and Clyde below. You knew that, right?

Clyde (above and below)

Charles (two pics below)

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Lizzie said...

JT & I can't stop laughing at these pictures. So much fun!! I love that Charles fell asleep. Hilarious.