Friday, November 23, 2012

Discovering Columbus in a an elevated living room...

A living room was built and enclosed around the top of the Christopher Columbus spire that is in the center of Columbus Circle where Broadway, Central Park West, and Central Park South meet. I originally thought it was construction due to all the scaffolding surrounding. But instead, it's flights of stairs (not for the weary) leading up to a living room--with a TV turned on making it perfectly authentic. I'll note, CC's living room is bigger than my entire apartment.

Isn't he a dashing lad? Hand on his hip, weight in his back foot... I was surprised that they wouldn't let us touch him as he is exposed to the elements year round and has been since 1892, and I'd imagine that brings much more erosion to his physique.  I was surprised how tall the statue is too. He looks smaller from the ground level. Then again, we probably look like ants to him down there. 

Since the exhibit is free, I booked few different days of tickets at lunch hoping one of those days Andrew wouldn't have any trouble slipping away to watch the boys for 30 min. It was quick and painless and a fun rejuvenating activity w/out the twins. 

Just lounging with Christopher.

The pic above is the panorama option on my phone. I took this from CC's balcony. I'm crazy about Central Park's leaves and how you can see down CPW and CPS as well as Broadway.


Pic of the scaffolding in the circle center. The other 2 pics were taken from the Mandarin Oriental's lobby looking down (w/out the scaffolding) on about the 35th floor of the Time Warner. 

They just extended the exhibit a couple week through the start of December I believe. Free to all tickets acquired online

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