Saturday, November 24, 2012

Documenting when Daddy gets home...

NYC has lots to offer and is a great place for new moms. People often ask how I do it as a mom of twins in NYC. I'm not sure how people don't do it in a city like this with so much available and feasible at our fingertips. Sure, there are inconveniences that bring challenges.But... the best part of our day is consistently when Daddy gets home, preferably before the boys are off to sleep. 


Charles Hyrum (above)
(below) Charles on left and Clyde on right

Charles has some made tongue curling skills.
Andrew is trying to make them smile here and they're just staring in return. 

Clyde David


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Lizzie said...

These pictures are so sweet. Makes me wish JT got home a little earlier. James & JT have their "guy time" in the morning though. I'm usually asleep but maybe sometime I'll have to sneak out to catch them on camera.