Thursday, November 8, 2012

Experiencing Sandy....

I recently wrote a post about my experience with Sandy on Mommy in Manhattan. I thought I'd repost for keepsake purposes.  

With so many friends displaced for multiple weeks pending and with many others who are without electricity/heat/running water, I feel guilty admitting that my life returned to normalcy shortly following the storm. 

Although Mayor Bloomberg suggested NYC residents to stay home the day following as the NYPD assed the damage, this hardly was an option in our cramped apartment. So our family of 4 ventured out along with neighbors who were thinking similarly. Again my account doesn't do Sandy's detriment justice. But as I experienced... 

It was bizarre to walk around a city that never sleeps ghost town. Because all transit was down, no one could get to work; thus, no stores or eateries were open. I noticed a Starbucks and maybe couple others in Times Square that were open for business. They're lines extended out the door. 

It's amazing how high the curbside trash piles become when the pickup service is out of commission for a few days.

The dual pick-up for taxi cabs that Bloomberg approved seemed like chaos for the customer but lucrative for the employer. 


The premier up and coming One57 has quickly become a new tourist favorite for pictures. The cranestill dangles. And the surrounding 2-3 block radius remains blocked off, complicating pedestrian and car traffic. The top 20ish floors of One57 is visible from our bedroom window. Although, I preferred the local TV coverage Monday night. 


5th Avenue felt so eerie Tuesday as all the shops were closed with little to no pedestrian traffic. Coveted window displays were boarded up (Bergdorf Goodman & Saks), while other stores had a sandbagged storefront. Bergdorf's birthday wrapping paper was wrapped around the local street post. 

Very few people were without power on the Upper West Side. Wind damage blew out some windows and damaged quite a few trees and cars. Parks are still closed. But this is hardly a complaint as I think about the homes and lives that were utterly destroyed in New Jersey and along the NY shoreline.

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mommy watsky said...

This is absolutely insane. I am so relieved that you and your men are safe. Thank you so much for posting this. I shared it with Cooper & he was amazed.