Friday, November 16, 2012

Hearst Tower's Good Housekeeping...

In Jenna's absence, who had to evacuate with Hurricane Sandy, I was able to represent Mommy in Manhattan at the 7 Years Younger blogger event in the Hearst Tower. Head on over and read more about it...

This a panorama pic off my phone of the Test Kitchen. Everything that Good Housekeeping publishes in their magazine has been tested and approved. I've always loved and appreciate their magazine but I have utmost respect for their publishing after seeing just what it is they do. Their recommendations are well researched, studied, and thought out. 

The test kitchen overlooks the SW corner of Central Park. So beautiful to see the leaves changing from above. What a view.

Amanda and I learning more about 7 Years Younger. I'm not sure Amanda could look 7 years yonger...

Standing in front of the seal with Megan who was there for the event as well. 

Got this pic from here. I've strolled by this building a hundred times. I was so pleased to go inside at last. I love how the new is built into the old. 

Thanks Jenna for allowing me this great opportunity. And thank you Good housekeeping for treating us to such a lovely occasion. I look forward to putting the words of 7YY into practice and tweaking my way of thinking and eating.

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