Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trick-or-treating at The Plaza Hotel's Food Hall....

The Plaza Hotel Food Hall was open for trick-or-treaters for a couple hours during the day. To quote one of the bakery workers, "Our chef made his special marshmallows fresh today." 
Hannah was supposed to be a princess but her costume didn't make the last minute evacuation. Melissa was successful in turing her cute dress into a leopard costume. Loved being out with the Winders and having them in the neighborhood, although at the expense of Sandy. 

Food Hall basement at the Plaza Hotel


Clyde loves to clap. We sit around and do a lot of clapping. Pumpkins by day and skeletons by night.


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Lizzie said...

Love the boys strapped into their stroller in their pumpkin costumes. Adorable! I didn't know the plaza did trick or treating. Putting that on my list for next year.