Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Manhattan's Little Red Lighthouse...

Isn't this just the cutest little red lighthouse you've seen? Cute-credits given to the story book written in 1942 on how it came to be. Someone pointed this iconic lighthouse out to me as we were driving into the city on the West Side Hwy years ago. It is only visible for a second.  I often miss it, even when I'm completely focused on seeing it. So it's hard to see from the road--especially when the leaves are full. It's even harder to get to--especially with a stroller. It was an adventure taking the express A to Harlem // walking down to the water // over the road on a foot-bridge // and down a steep windy path to the water. It's not for the faint in heart. 

This little guy dates back to 1921. Although not in operation any more, it is open for visitors during its October b-day festival. 

So the twins might have been dressed to match their lighthouse.
I love the Hudson River.
The George Washington Bridge is a beauty.


Every age is the best age. Let me tell you why 9 months is so great... they're starting to always want me. One will crawl to sit in my lap and then the other starts making his way over. It's great to feel wanted. 

Our play-date group there in Riverside Park. Funny how the constant sound of cars (the bridge overhead) is soothing even while in the park.  These kids are used to constant noise. NYC babies! Not pictured: Twin Charles, who is still asleep. 

Waiting for brother to wake up. Pics aren't complete with just one. 

Packing up to leave. BTW, we picked the prettiest day to trek to see Her. It was high 60's on Veteran's Day. Enjoying the good weather while we can.

This is the storybook we love so much. It's a favorite to read to the boys. They loose attention by the end though. I love the underlining message... although She's small She is proud and serves a great purpose.


The beautiful walk home. 


Heather Florence said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures! The twins look good in red.

Diana Hulme said...

I loved this play date! Although you're right, it was a total workout. :) Thanks for coming up to meet us! Great pictures. P.S. Our neighborhood is actually Washington Heights. Harlem goes up to 155th, then it becomes Washington Heights.