Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lower East Side Food Tour...


The Hulme's were kind enough to include us on the that was giving a great deal on Living Social. I'm practically a foodie now.
I haven't spent too much time on the LES and there is so much culture and history there. So this was a great walk to roam the streets and see this area of Manhattan that I know so little about. 
The map and listing above is basically the tour. I highly recommend walking it with your lover or SOS. 

1st Stop: Yanah Schimeel
Famous for their Knishes as seen below. Delicious. I had never even heard of Knishes before. Shameful. There are notebooks at each table to leave your name/date/message. A lot of history is apparent when you walk through this ma & pa shop that's over 100 yrs. old. They have a chocolate cheese I'll have to try next time. 

An open bar we walked by. Thought the chalkbaord tracking the elections electoral votes was festive. However, I wouldn't of wanted to be the one with the chalk. I see so much red there. I'm still so confused.


Some say this is NYC's best delhi which is why it has survived wars and depression since 1898. We only got a taster but the pastrami was quality I've never known. And when you order and aren't just there for a tester, they pile it a miles high. The meat hanging from the windows and visible from all angles dampers my appetite a little. 

Il Laboratorio del Gelato... This expansive window of a huge open kitchen is where deserts are handmade fresh giving off the custom lab feel. Not for inexperiences gelato testers. 


Clyde riding in the kangaroo pouch. The rule is, if you ride in the kangaroo pouch you have to be happy.The twins decided on that rule actually. They introduced us. We gladly oblige with a pain in our back.  Usually one of the twins earns that extra special ride (out of the stroller) when he is fussy. I'm glad we had C&C with us on the tour, but it was a long time to expect them to just putz along. Mommy is usually a fast walker. They are used to cruising. The stops and slow moving of the tour was not their style. 

The Red Square Building is located on Houston St. It's an apartment building with an ionic "Askew" clock where the numbers are disarranged. This building was built in 1989, the year the Soviet Union fell. The  fall kept the Lenin statue from going on display. Once acquired, was placed here above on the red building. Hence, red square. He faces towards Wall Street so people go wacky on that interpretation.

 The twin's ABC-NYC book says O is for Orchard St. It was great to walk it at last. 


The LES has everything from old school shops that have been around for ages, to newer galleries. I'm glad to see a custom hat shop stays afloat. It's neat to see the diversity. Great pic below mixing the old with the new...


Back to the food tour--there was just so much to see in between.

Economy Candy...This family owned candy shop opened in 1937, the same year Snow White was released. They have all the old school candies that will bring 3 generations back to their childhood. For me, it was the Pez dispensers, Root beer Barels, Big League Chew, Pixi Sticks, and Buble-gun cigarettes.

Does candy ever go bad? How do they keep the vintage candies in stock?


The Tenement Museum I have yet to go into. It's highly recommended by many to see how so many lived on the LES back in the day. A couple ladies bought this brownstone for $50,000 in the 80's and now it is worth $5.5. Wow. Quite the investment. They ended up keeping it its original form once they bought it and turned it into not-for-profit museum. 

Best Dumplings Ever. 10 for $2.00. I'm so glad this was on the tour. This isn't the type of place I'd think to try. But it was incredible.  The sinage only shows its authenticity. Appertizer

Barrel cured pickles brined from 1 to 60 days like the olden days, unlike the factories now days. No preservatives. The 1-day old brined were more like a sweet cucumber than a pickle. And the 60-day old ones were very sweet. Heavenly place for pickle lovers. Loved the exposed brick too. 

I'm not sure of the place shown above. It was just a couple doors down from Doughnut Plant on Grand St. though. They have the most amazing fresh bagel (without the center cut out). The placed smelled so fresh with flour lingering the air as everything is being kneaded right there. 


Remember Doughnut Plant? They have a new location right next door to their last. It's much more spiffy. 

Fat Baby wasn't actually on the tour. It was a intriguing looking place though without windows. 


laurel said...

How fun Mary Martha! Love the LES. You have to do the tenement museum sometime - it's awesome. I need to go check out those dumplings. If you ever want to do other food tours we love NY Food Tours - I've done 3 of them and they're great.

Diana Hulme said...

This was so fun. Thanks for doing it with us! :) You soak up information like a sponge...I can't believe you remembered all of those cool facts & stuff along the way. xoxo!