Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn & Ditch Plains...

Brooklyn hosted a festive 4-miler a couple weeks ago that I'm glad we signed up for. Deep down I wish I was more of a runner and could attach a marathon to my invisible list of life accomplishments. But I don't think that would be best on my child bearing years. For most girls, I'm sure it's no problem. But probably not for myself.  I've maybe run less than 5 times since the twins were born. So 4 miles was no breeze for me. 

How cute in the mom below running with her baby? In the Bjorn and not the Ergo too I must add (heavier on the back)? 
I stared at her from afar wishing Andrew and I were in tow with the boys. And then approached her and shamefully asked for a pic as you see below. I assured her I was a mom too and not just a crazy lady asking for her pic. When I told her I had twin boys at home she quickly asked their names. I'm not used to people asking their names so quickly. For some reason, people were more interested in what I'd be calling my babies when I was pregnant rather than now that they're here. Maybe cause prior to the name set in stone they can have an opinion. I dunno Anyways, she asked their names. And when I told her, she told me not to be creeped out but she had blogged about me.  Read the post here. Small world even in NYC, huh? We then put the connection together that we're both mormon. So there you have it. I'm glad I decided to approach a stranger and ask for her pic. 


About half of the 6,000 runners were dress silly and clearly out there to have a good time. Others were there to put in another NYRR race to qualify for the NYC marathon. Runners were organized into about 6 groups (color bib) by how fast you run. Andrew was surprised we were grouped into the fastest lump of people. There weren't any festive dressers in "the serious runners crowd" except for this Santa. I might of stretched the truth about our pace when I signed up for the race. Would you rather be the one getting passed or doing all the passing? I say the one getting passed so you don't have to deal with weaving in and out of people traffic running up on other's heals. 


A bit blurry becasue taken with my phone while in motion, "Sorry I Passed You." And then a guy ran by in a speedo with his number on his bum. 


Since we had a sitter, we went ahead and ate brunch too at Ditch Plains (UWS). Red Velvet Pancakes on the weekend, yes please. The next Saturday, our friends went and ate next to Matt Damon and his wife. That's all our brunch was missing. 


Lizzie said...

I can't get over this story. AMAZING that she had noticed you on the UWS ... and that she blogged about it ... and that she is mormon. Fabulous.

Red Velvet Pancakes?! And Matt Damon?! Adding Ditch Plains to my list of brunch places to try ...

Lizzie said...

Also -- good job on 4 miles! I've been running more often lately but haven't had the courage to go more than 3 miles. I'm really impressed you went for it!

neil and jes said...

Too funny! As soon as I saw that photo I thought, isn't that Kristy Glass? She's a friend of our cousins. Good job on the race! I am making the goal to join you next year!

ps love ditch plains - they have a hot dog with mac and cheese on top. sounds weird. but it's amazing!