Friday, December 14, 2012

More of Louisiana...


Boys first time riding. My dad and I rode out for a couple hours and ended up at the Christmas parade. We almost rode down the parade as if we were in it. Weren't sure how the horses would take the sirens though. Stopped by the house before we took the horses in so the boys could sit in the saddle. 

I love riding down Island Drive


Sitting in fron of our blue Christmas tree listening to Alabama Christmas... "Grandma and Grandpa, just looking young and loving life." 

Ralph Lauren car killing the name. I don't think this is what Mr. Lauren had in mind. The back window said in huge cursive letters "High Rolla." This explain perfectly why I struggle with some branding such as Coach and Louis Vuitton. When I drove by to take a pic, the guy was just sitting in his car taking it all in. 

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