Sunday, December 9, 2012

Louisiana Thanksgiving 2012...

This was the 3rd year that Illinois, Florida, and Michigan cousins came to visit in Louisiana. Party with 20+ out of town guest. But most had to stay in a hotel this year.  It was a little bit of a game changer; nevertheless, great Thanksgiving. Or maybe the game changer was me having a couple kids since last Thanksgiving.

Similar look at Thanksgiving in 2011 & 2010


My sister with her son Cyrus & the twins. 

Headed to the barn...

Another year of intense capture the flag. 

Johnny's on McKeen

Lots of helpers when the boys bathe.


6 person pile-up


@ the dive diner



Madey is soon leaving on a mission to England. They're lucky to have her.

Lilly's face to Clyde is hilarious.

Frisbee golf in the neighborhood

Cousin Clair & Charles

Coral! Soon to be married. Looking forward to wedding festivities coming soon.

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