Saturday, January 28, 2012

More pregnancy thoughts...

- When I was 26 weeks, I hit the 200 lbs. It was inevitable but still a big wow factor when I got on the scale, not digital, and had to move the big bottom bar from 150 to 200. All in the name of the babies...

- Beyonce delivered at my hospital. I was there the day she was admitted at my specialist appointment. She checked in that Fri night. Barely missed her crew. However, appartley security was so tough a daddy of NICU twins wasn't able to see his babies. Nightmare. A week later Andrew and I took the hospital maternity tour. I had to ask to see the "newly upgraded suites." Even then I just got to see the doors.  

-Swimming or rather using a kick board has been my favorite thing in pregnancy. It's rejuvenating, refreshing, and even restful in its own way. Along with the weigh of my belly, my mind floats free too...

-Although each appointment accomplished feels like I've received a prize, I grow a little weary sometimes of all the attention this pregnancy demands. As a result, I feel ungrateful. Then when I think of the 2 boys kicking and cuddling inside, I have no problem adjusting my attitude.

- As of a week ago, I had 10 lbs. total of baby in me. I look forward to this week's measurement...

- I'm trying so hard to keep my labor at bay, although my time is drawing near. yikes!

- I have bought into the concept of BabyPlus. I've enjoyed the in-utero bonding we're experiencing.

- I'm so overwlemed with the double gifting. I know I'm having twins, but they can share. Thank you!

- I love to picture our two boys curled inside. It's a glorious sight..

- The 1st most common question asked after finding out I'm having twins is if they are natural or not. 2nd most common question is what are their names. And the 3rd most common question I hear is if I will have a cesarean or vaginal delivery. Many times I have gotten all 3 questions, in this order, in one conversation. Hilarious.

- Since I've answered the 1st. on here before. The 2nd is TBD, for us too. And for the 3rd. Ideally I'd like to have a v-delivery. But some of the best advise given is to not be set in my ways of 'plans' so to speak. I'll take one for the team if it means my babies having a safe and easy welcome to this world. I'm more passionate about that aspect than how they get here on my behalf. And I trust my Dr. 100% who I really feel like has both mine and my babies best interest. 1,000 appointments later I'm really convinced of that.

- I'm terrified of needles. Like deathly I have an out of body experience when I have to do anything involving them afraid. But somehow I've arrived at the point that physically giving birth to two babies no longer seems fearsome. It seems downright do-able! Andrew gives a calming foundation that's for sure.

- I've done a lot of thinking, reading, and asking around about vaccinations. I will be spacing those bad boys out and will be choosing a pediatrician that allows me to do so. 

Twin A & Twin B....

Although we have a handful of names we like, we haven't actually finalized what we are going to name our boys. I think most think we are holding out and keeping it some grand secret. I wish that was the case. Instead, I follow my husband's lead on this one; we need to see them and then decide. What we are private about is the possibilities. Everyone seems to have an opinion on your names otherwise. I'd be pleased with an 'ah-ha' moment to solidify everything. No doubt they are two separate babies. At my now 3 Dr. appointments a week, they differentiate them by calling them "Twin A & Twin B." That's how it's been the entire pregnancy. So that has stuck for us as well. 
We too call them A & B. 
A is on the right, first one to be delivered. B is far more active, our little thumb sucker. 
I saw these onsie's  online and was so in-love. A few days later, my sister-in-law had them sent in the mail not even knowing that I had my eye on them. Sweet surprise.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conran World Map...

 I fell in love with this world map in London last summer. I would walk by the store weekly if not daily and my desire for it never faded. When we got the deposit back on our probably <300sq. ft apartment, I went to this store with plans to hang it up in a baby room one day. We could of just exchanged the deposit from the pound back to the dollar, but the dollar weakened so much over our summer's stay. We would of lost a good bit--or that is at least how I saw it in my mind. So there was born the map...

So this is the only thing complete in our apartment right now. Cribs don't come in for another month. (Yes, the babies will be here before then). I haven't decided on a stroller. blah blah. 
But I adore my swizzle-glider. I have such happy thoughts when I sit there either just thinking or reading in prep for our time...

Not sure that the map needs much explanation. Great teaching tool for the kids I hope. About 180+ fabric velcro motifs explaining the world. Andrew and I were seriously stumped trying to assemble it all. It shamefully took us over an hour probably combined. We had to look up most every mountain and city given. The thought of a child coming through and replacing the pieces is frightening. I guess we have some good time before that happens though. 

And FYI: This is the giant map (almost 8 ft x6 feet). There is a smaller version as well as a hanging globe that is cool if you're at all interested in something a big smaller but same idea. The hanging globe in the store was a bit haggard and didn't seem like it withheld gravity's pull too well. 

Our old place...

I thought we'd be here much longer. Our 450 sq ft apartment (if that) was perfect for the 2 of us. We found out we were expecting a week after we signed our lease and twins a weeks after we moved in. We thought we'd make it work with a singleton. But not possible with twins. So here's the last of my apartment pics. I'll cherish great memories here. Moment in time--quick 7 months to never forget. 

We ate dinner on those stools. Perfect!

Moving day...

Will miss the building peeps more than anything. So friendly. I would bring my lunch down to chat it up with them sometimes. They were always quick to ask about the babies and give me update on theirs. 

Last pics in place...

- Empty -

Steve Cohen's Chamber of Magic...

 Incredible Magic Show!
We had heard from many people that this was a great performance. It exceeded all expectations. I couldn't follow the first trick. His show is limited to about 40 people in the Waldorf Tower so you can really focus in and try not to let it slip you. But it does. Great performer and entertainer. I highly recommend...

Down in our lobby before we left out...

Couldn't resist sharing... Andrew watching YouTube to tie a bow-tie for the night. So cute!

NYC Broadway Week...

It's restaurant week and broadway week all in one. So pretty much it's a dead time of year for tourist bringing deals for those that live close by. Yeah! Andrew and I saw the Blue Many Group (off-broadway) last time they were running this. It was shortly after we had moved here. I was so sick I could hardly sit in my chair. Not I'm 33 weeks going strong, but taking it plenty easy. 

Southern Living...

My brother and his wife are living on the Southern coast where Alabama and Florida connect. With it being a temporary move, and since they are freshly newly-weds, they are taking advantage of all the adorable small towns they can visit on the weekend. Point Clear, Alabama was the most recent destination. I had to share as I love vicariously experiencing these places through them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We moved yesterday...

More on that later. 
32 weeks today. I quickly transitioning into nesting mode. 
I think this is really happening.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Juicy Bottle Charms...

I had a good idea at 12 weeks 6 days that I was having twin boys. It was too early to make a peep though because... things were still developing // we hadn't told anyone we were pregnant except my parents // the nurse couldn't say it was 100%. 
But since I was at the specialist with a high powered machine, I was confident two boys were it. 
Following that appointment I then proceeded to do my 30 block walk from my Dr. to my apartment. But not just any 30 blocks--the 30 blocks down 5th Avenue or Madison...take you pick.
I stopped in the Juicy Couture flagship store that made Nordstrom's charm collection look like peanuts. I found a treasure when I saw these and knew I had to wear them my entire pregnancy (didn't start wearing them until announced twins/gender of course). I'm not a charm collector where I wear a variety of charms at once, but I wear these on the end of a simple but long chain necklace. 

Baby Shower...

These three girls were especially generous in throwing me a lovely shower this last weekend. I really appreciate them doing so. It's so special to get together and celebrate these little boys. I just returned from yet another appointment. Dr. visits just get sweeter and sweeter as our time approaches. Thank you girls for sharing this joy with me and extending yourselves so we could all celebrate. 

Sarah Jane, Whitney, & Amanda
We all met in Utah--love that our lives now overlap in NYC.


Loved the mason jars filled with a yummy mix of cider/juice/cranberries and paper spoons.

I was completely surprised with a Southern style shower. Stay tuned for next month's spread in Southern Living magazine.

Amanda found local Beignets that challenge those at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. 

Biscuits & Gravy, breakfast casserole, and loads of fruit & berries. 

Special remarks worth keeping. 

Whitney made a pair of pearl earrings for everyone. They're beautiful! What an adorable idea. Loved the cotton and Magnolia (Louisiana's state flower) spread about. 
~everything is better in a pair~

Cotton set in the Magnolia leaves

Classic bridal shower shot... 4 boys & 1 girl in utero. 

I really appreciate my mother-in-law and 2 sister-in-laws coming in from CT. 
My newest nephew, Will, was a sure hit. 
Love the navy Sperry shoes to match Daddy's pair. 

So nice having Jan, a friend from home, here in NYC. She recently introduced me to a yummy brunch dine with southern type food in the Easy Village. 


Thank you SJ for opening your studio for us all to enjoy. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Cards...

With our move this last June I wasn't expecting many Christmas cards. We were pleasantly surprised to receive some. I love receiving Christmas cards. & can't wait to send my own! Thank you all--

This is on the back of our door. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Two years ago we took a road trip with the Penas to the PBR in Vegas. One thing hasn't changed, I love PBR's! When Andrew inquired about Christmas giving, I said I was more interested in experiences prior to these babies debut than any tangible thing. So here's to the PBR at Madison Square Garden. 

Introduction of top 40 riders in world.

The top rider gets a spot light on the podium behind the chutes.


Andrew's parents actually made the event possible through their family friend that works for the PBR association. So fun having the Egan's there too. Takes another southern girl to appreciate this type of event. And Emma Perry was a total rockstar--not a peep despite the loudness. 


Had a bull malfuction there on the bottom right. I think this rider got a re-ride as a result. 


I love observing what goes on behind the chutes. It's amazing to watch the bull temperament prior and what the bull riders routine includes.

Half time entertainment equivalent was jousting. Pretty intense...
It's a weekend event. On Saturday Kimber and the Hadleys were there as well. 




I think the bull industry is fascinating. I'm not obnoxious about it, but I deep down root for the bull. I just want a good ride. That come with a good bull.  I love the hype on various bulls that have only been ridden for a full 8 seconds once before or even just a couple times. For example, Bushwacker. He is out for a couple months due to a minor surgery on his back legs though so maybe next year we'll see him.