Monday, February 27, 2012

Hospital Video...

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My dear friend Kimber, that I met here in the city, came to the hospital when the boys were just a day old to take photos of them in the NICU.  Because of the lag time before I was well enough to see my boys and my lack of mobility the first day after surgery, this was actually only the second time I was with them. I'm so grateful Kimber was able to capture this experience for us. Our time in the NICU was very special. 
She went ahead and added about 5 pics we had taken prior. The rest is all her--you won't have trouble telling the difference in the quality.

Another great hospital experience Kimber captured was here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I had a C...

That seems to be our letter..."C". As in Cylde & Charles & Cesarian.  *Uh-oh*
That was pretty much my reaction too when I realized it was inevitable. Hindsight, it was the best thing for my babies, but I'd like to explain a bit for documentation purposes. Because my boys were mono-di twins, they shared a placenta and extracted from the same nutritional/blood supply. I was told 4 out of 5 twins who have this placenta experience 'growth disparity' prior to 32 weeks resulting in many times an early delivery. Hence the reason I went to the Dr. on average once but later in the pregnancy twice a week for an ultrasound. After 32 weeks, statistically the chances of one of the babies cutting off the blood supply of the other baby goes up. Devastating thought. TMI? Sorry. So at 35 weeks, my Dr. said this was a success and suggested we not run our risks. I was so nervous at what I might be doing to our boys by consenting to pre-term labor. But I highly revere and love my doctor (thats what weekly appointments and 1,000 questions later will do). 

So 35 weeks was it. Success not by many's standards but for my little mono-di's, as we call it, it was. But I still thought I'd have a fair shot at a 'non-cesarian.' But unlike most twin situations at 35 weeks, my cervix was completely tight and I wasn't even close to dilating. But then again, this was the very thing I had been praying for all along to avoid bed rest. Funny how in one appointment that desire changed.  So... inducing labor would ask my body to go from 1 to 100 in a limited window of time. I wasn't even effaced (whatever that means). So a C it was. 

This is right before heading into the hospital. Vainish, maybe... But I don't think I've ever felt so beautiful as I did that morning walking into the hospital. Wearing little ones will do that to you. I did feel a little deprived with an early delivery and by never experiencing labor pains. But that's silly I know. 

A scheduled delivery was much like my wedding day--so much anticipation and preparation for the moment. There are so many things that need to be done 'one last time.' So many tender moments leading up to the big day. 

My Dr. on the right. I love him so much. Amazing!
& fav. nurse on left. 

Before heading in...

Best moment ever. Andrew was given Charles who then placed him on my chest. 

Such a sad face sticking out his bottom lip. His dad has that one mastered too.

This moment (below) didn't last long enough.  I couldn't focus  on one. I kept looking left, right, left, right. After  a minute they suggested Daddy hold them. Great idea until they wisked them away for monitoring. I never thought I'd say this but the surgery went way too fast. Andrew talking/singing right in my ear the whole time had the most calming affect on me. I wasn't chill though. 

Favorite pic from the hospital (below).

More later

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing our little angels...

Charles Hyrum  & Clyde David 
     5.7 lbs 19.25 in.    5.4 lbs. 18.5 in.   
35 weeks

below: Clyde (left) & Charles (right) 
I think

Clyde (above and below)

I'm not quite sure which one is which in these pics. Sad. When they are side by side I have no trouble but just a picture of one or when one is swaddled, I have a little trouble. I don't have much trouble anymore but those first few days in the hospital I did. They've already changed so much in two weeks time. 
In the hospital, they weren't completely differentiated out in my mind. Best way I know how to describe them is one big bundle of joy. I'm picking up on the differences now and seeing them as their own individuals. No doubt these two are a pair. An IDENTICAL pair that is. 

Andrew gave me both babies to hold and just as Charles started crying, Clyde put his finger in Charles's mouth so he stopped. It was the cutest thing ever. Couldn't believe it was happening. 


I'm obsessed with their hair.

Our family of 4

Friday, February 17, 2012

On the eve of the twin's birth...

I went to the hospital for one last specialist appointment. Had an OB appointment down the road too. Nurses added up how many doctor visits I had in all. Can't remember the exact number but between the two practices it was over 40 appointments. This is a subway stop I know so well...

Dinner with our our parents and celebrated their b-day knowing the boys would be coming in about 12 hours time (scheduled). This was the same restaurant we went to with the parentals months earlier in the pregnancy celebrating the good news. Overlooks Columbus Square. My NYC favorite largely for sentiment value

Where can we turn for peace?

Our final night was 34 weeks 6 days. I might speak more to this later. but I loved my baby bump so much. The feeling of babies in utero is perhaps one of the greatest feelings ever. I know many don't like it because of the aches and pains that might accompany it. But my thoughts were very different. I wish I could have carried longer. 


At about 1 am on the day of delivery, Andrew painted Mariah Carey's twin butterfly. I remember when she tweeted her boy/girl twin butterfly.  I had been wanting to do this for a while. Although I left it to the  last minute, it was fun. The "dem babies" is silly but wanted to completely mimic hers. 
I'm really sorry if you're grossed out by the bare belly. I'm always a little grossed out by others. But obviously comfortable with mine own. Sorry if it makes you gag. 

Valentine's walk..

We walked around our neighborhood on Valentine's Day with one of these. Great way for the world to know how in love we are. 
buy one here
We did actually get out though for Valentines. It wasn't something either of us really wanted to do as we're content to hover our precious little angels now in our midst. But I'm glad we could and did get out alone and celebrate us. I think the Lincoln Square fountains at nighttime are quickly becoming a new happy place for us both. It's so quaint and quiet for being among a city central area. And fashion week set up shop right next so that was a riot to see the costumes come and go. 

PS. Can't wait to introduce our iddy-bitty precious little glowing bundles of joy and love...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day at park worth documenting...

The weather here in NYC has been incredible. So take-out to sit in the sun was perfect. I have no idea which park we were at, but I know it was on the lower east side. That's an area on the island I hardly know. I think the only reason I've been down there was for eating purposes. 

All-American moms. Need I say more? They get out and explore the island and do more to maximize their experience here than anyone else I know. I only wish I am half the mom these girls are.

Love this pic. Looks like I'm about to eat Jenna.

Live! with Kelly (& Derek Hough)...

This last Friday Andrew landed us 4 tickets for the Kelly show. I've been trying to rack up these great experiences before the 'little whittles' come. The idea to pursue tickets started with Em. We were willing to go super early and wait for stand-bys. Thankfully we didn't have to.  Jenna is a true follower who watches Kelly daily so we needed her. I was wishing they called on her for triva. She would of won the free trip for sure. And Kimber has been before so she showed us the ropes on where was best to sit in studio. I was there to pull the pregnant card. My belly screams the belly card, okay. We 4 made quite the duo.


Kelly would come stand right in front of us during commercial time and basically talk a lot about nothing. I don't blame her. It can't be easy to be engaging all the time. 


She had a tear moment which required a touch up. Thew crew was on it.  Kelly is far more skinny and beautiful than I ever imagined. She was perfectly gregarious and outgoing. However, one of her last comments before walking off stage was, "I should of wore spanks. I'm bulging in so many areas (as she touched her thighs). I went ill after that. How imperfect we all felt, an audience hanging on her every word. My oh my. 

Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars was Monday's co-host. He was a bit awkward on when to  and when not to speak up.  I'm being quite the critic. Sorry. 


(below) Kelly & Derek did a little jive at the end. I was worried Derek would drop her and she would break in half. She seems that fragile.
 Like Kelly's ankle tat? 

He even asked for her pic. We weren't the only ones.


Right before exiting the studio. Love these girls. Each one of them redefine generous and kindness in their own way. 

Super Bowl & Smocked dresses...

Did anyone else notice Eli Manning's little girl after the game? What an adorable smocked dress with little footballs smocked along top. Although Andrew is a true Jets fan, it's easy to root for the Giants when they are playing Boston (according to Andrew) AND when Eli is from Louisiana (according to me). Whew!
(lifted these pics online)

After a full Saturday where Drew and I got most everything done off our To-Do list in prep for twins, we were pleased to watch the game with some friends. Thanks Larsens for including us.
Emma Perry always the main attraction of any event.


Somehow the first half the girls lingered in the kitchen while the guys hovered the TV. There was quite the spread of food. 

I believe Kenna has been taught the Tim Tebow. Merek busting moves all night too.