Monday, March 26, 2012

Courtney & Sydney came to visit...

Their visit came and went so fast. The boys weren't even a month old when Court and Syd came out to help. I don't have many pics to show for their visit because truthfully, we hardly got out. Court & Syd did a few fun things. I was, and still am, figuring out the whole feeding thing which is quite limiting.

Syd was so well behaved as she was cooped up in my tiny apartment. 


This was the one time that all 5 of us got out. It took me over an hour to get out the door. I'm getting better at it though. 


Katie drove into the city to visit for an hour too. 


Whitney & Paul's going away dinner. Fun group!  So sad they moved. But I'm so glad we overlapped like we did. Whit & I were roommates back in the day.  

Knit with love...

Jason's mom, crocheted these beautiful baby blankets for my boys. She started on the yellowish/green one as soon as she found out I was pregnant making it gender neutral. And by the time she started the second one, she knew we were having boys.The stitches are so intricate. I can only imagine how much time Miss Sue took. And my Aunt Amy just knitted these adorable bonnets and booties. These are such thoughtful and generous gifts of time and love. Thank you.
Oh, & I crush baby boys in bonnets...

Clyde & Charles

One of the most effective ways of making awake-time actually awake-time is by playing dress up. Tummy time most often just puts them to sleep. Whoever said you can't play dress up with your boys?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Which one is which?

You tell me...

As they grow, it's fun to pick out ever evolving subtle differences. 

Grandma & Mommece...

These pictures are too good not to share.
Grandma loving on Clyde, and Clyde returning some looks in exchange. 

This boy is so sweet. His facial expressions are so dear.  

My mom helped me with the twins the entire first month. Andrew went to work just a couple days after we returned from the hospital. I couldn't of possibly done it without my mom. I had a good cry when she left. Already anticipating when she is coming back.   

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spoof on haute moms...

Thought these were clever...

Louis Spitton
Gucci Coo
Dolce & Grandpa

Saw this here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Newborn pics...

I'm so in love with the twin's newborn pics. Falycia was kind to come do the shoot here at my apartment bringing many of her props. Looking forward to our next round of pics. 

March 14, 2011...

Hard to believe today is our due date. Yet my little 5 lbs. premies are 5 weeks old and 9 lbs. now. 

Their most awake time yet was for dad's fav. soccer team's first game of the season. Andrew thinks that's foreshadowing. 
Charles (left) & Clyde (right)

Charles (left) & Clyde (right)
above and below
Charles Hyrum
Clyde David
Charles pleased with a full feed

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maternity Pics...

The day before I delivered, I met up with my friend, Dallas, who happens to live in Brooklyn and is uber-talented with photography and much more. I appreciated him meeting me at our old building. We only lived there for 7 months as we found out shortly after moving in that we were expecting x's 2 and < 500 sq. ft just wouldn't work. Although a necessary move, I'll miss that place so much. 

My first trimester I was so sick, most days I didn't get out to do much. Before it got real cold, I spent many hours reading on our roof deck and just thinking over and over again is this really happening to me. I felt on top of the city and even more so, on top of the world. Perfect place for tender thoughts in peace and quiet. 


The Empire and Chrysler building in the distance.


Had to include the 'sister's necklace.'


Belly shot. Sorry, mom. I love it though.

Classic maternity pic

There wasn't a week where I didn't get in the pool. My belly feeling weightless was possibly the best feeling ever. 

Casey and I were due a month apart. We went out together and took some fun pics of each other. She had some great ideas of various things we could do. Her daughter is as cute as they come with a full head of hair.