Saturday, April 28, 2012

4 generations...

My Nana came to visit last week. She was so sweet with her great grandsons. I appreciate her flying out from Florida as she doesn't do much traveling anymore with her age. She was able to stay at the neighboring hotel that is practically attached to our building. It was so convenient. After doing a few things in the area she said to me in her sweet soft voice, "I feel like I'm on a different planet here in NYC." 


Isn't my Nana beautiful? She was homecoming queen at BYU back in the day.


Nana was a sight to see pushing around the boys. If anyone walking by took a double take, she would stop the stroller so they could get a better look. "These are my great-grandsons." 

My mom is so much help... I'm-Eternally-Indebted. I, along with the twins, are still figuring out the nights. They each wake up about 2 to 3 times a night. 2x2=4 so I'm told to awake 'the other one' when one wakes up to limit that. But that has presented it's own challenges. So this is where my mother, saving grace, comes in... Just about the time Andrew goes to work, my mom comes over to the apartment well rested to take care of the boys for a few hours while I go back to sleep. Feeding time take 1/2 as long. She empties the diaper pail, does our laundry in the basement, and strongly encourages me to get out a little every day.  These are familiar sights when I wake up from a long nap. 


My double stroller doesn't fit through my mom's hotel door at The Empire. So we would meet in the dark sheik mezzanine. This was when my Nana was meeting the boys for the first time. 


Priceless pictures.  4 generations! This is my sister Helen's 4 generations pic in 2006 taken in New Orleans. I'm very sentimental. Can you tell?

Clyde (left) Charles (right)

Daddy's tool chest...

I have found a treasure in the jammie (another word for pajama that my nieces coined) world worth sharing. Presenting Children's Place's stretchies as they call it listed under sleepwear on their site

:: The zipper is lined in the inside with a padded piece of fabric so the zipper doesn't touch skin; aka no need to wear a onsie underneath. 
:: No snaps. 
:: Full body zipper.  
:: The heel of the footie has subtle elastic around the ankle keeping the feet in the proper place. 
:: Made out of a soft, but thin, yet stretchy material so they fit the torso and hardly sag. 
:: And the best part of it all.  Only $8.00 each. (Can't remember is that was before of after the twin discount). Bam! 

Contrary to Babewise's recommendation, the twin's simultaneous awake time most often comes right before their feed as opposed to right after. It's nearly impossible for me to feed one baby, then the other, while keeping the full belly one awake. Awake time prior to a feed means hungry baby tears. So here is Clyde at a low point. 

And the cutest sad face genetics can buy. Andrew still makes this exact same face actually. 

Clyde David

Little Men...

I don't know how else to describe the boys when they are in jeans--little men. The double decker bus shirts with the England flag favor daddy. And these baby jeans were generously gifted. I don't see baby jeans much in Louisiana. But I'm currently living in the northeast with a more progressive style of dress. In just a couple more months the boys will start fitting into their southern attire. I have to do what I can to hold on to my roots. 

And these sweet stools just came in the mail from a friend in South Caroline. My dad still has his personalized stool, gifted at birth, in his closet for the shelves up high. My boys will have these forever. 

Clyde David

Bath TIme...

If it didn't dry out my fair babies, we would bathe multiple times a day. The twins just love their baths.
Shampooing their fine strands of hair, and washing behind their ears and under their neck rolls while their legs just kick away is heavenly. Andrew calls the little wash cloths, "modesty towels."

While I'm speaking to the boy's bath, here is a plug for Noodle & Boo, which is the most amazing baby product ever. I know Nordstrom & Saks carry it, but you can buy it online too. This scent will forever remind me of my newborns. Mustella is our second favorite. It's great smelling and soft too. Courtney gifted the boys their Daphne bath seats that are perfectly space efficient in such a big city. They are great too cause the boys can move about freely yet they're secure. The lower part of the Daphne is adjustable too as they grow. Oh how they grow :(

Charles Hyrum with a handsome combover. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest worthy...

Not quite. But I think I've seen these very things tagged on pinterest. Very thoughtful gift made by Andrew's high school friend.


Easter 2012...

Charles & Clyde in their Easter gowns that my sister gifted shortly after finding out I was expecting.



We strolled on over to the Easter Hat & Bonnet Parade that goes up 5th Ave. Our double stroller in mobs of people wasn't especially navigable. I'm already brainstorming for our hats next year. We will be apart next year.