Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hotel Empire Roof-deck...

:: These neon signs have been on the hotel's roof-deck since 1923. 
:: Just as portrayed in Gossip Girl, the hotel was renovated just about the same time and the roof deck scene has helped market the hotel to a younger crowd.
:: On the weekends its nearly impossible to get up to the roof-deck unless you buy a table or are on a list. Weekdays it is painless though; doesn't open until after 5pm but no underage twins allowed.

View from the roof-deck to Lincoln Center--New York State Theatre, Metropolitan Opera House, & Avery Fisher Hall. 

Lincoln @ night

Where Columbus & Broadway intersect

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picnic Please...

The boys naps are starting to fall into place. Although getting out and enjoying the fresh air, by NY's standards, is a must. The older the boys get, the more I realize that they're the troopers who can do just about anything. It's me that struggles sometimes to go and do such as hopping on the subway to get somewhere with ease. 

The twins went to their first bday party a few weeks ago. First time on the subway. And first time in Harlem too. 

Andrew feeding afar, a tender sight.

Sheep's Meadow in Central Park


Cute roof deck party where the Cannon's found out their baby's gender through the filling of the cupcakes. This is just 4 days prior to Lizzie delivering too.

Happy Memorial Day...

pic from here

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture Perfect...



I think Clyde & Charles are pretty angelic. These would complement them well.  

Coney Island...

The finish line for the Brooklyn 1/2 was right along the Coney Island boardwalk. We lingered a few hours afterwards to explore a bit. I didn't realize that Coney Island is so historic. It's know for its amusement park, although a little outdated. The Wonder Wheel was built in 1920 apparently and still going strong. It's 1 of the 3 NYC Historical Landmarks on Coney Isl. 


Can't go all the way there and not have an authentic Nathan's Hot Dog. Neat seeing the runner's crowd partake after the long run. Hard to imagine anyone eating 53 in 20 minutes time--July 4th hot dog contest. That's about 3 a minutes or 1 every 22 seconds. Disgusting!


 It was my first time on a New England beach. This qualifies, right? It was surprisingly beautiful. & huge!

This is another one of the NYC historical landmarks, the Parachute Jump. Built in 1940 although it's been closed since 1968. That's my last little interesting Coney Island fact for you...
I loved walking the pier. I'm a sucker for piers. 


Beautiful 9/11 memorial on the side of the Cyclone's Stadium. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brooklyn 1/2...

Andrew signed up for the Brooklyn 1/2 marathon a couple months ago and later found out he had some friends running in it too. I think Andrew landed the greatest number of all 16,000 runners. He had people coming up to him and asking how he got that number.  


The boys were sound asleep in their crib at 6:45 when I had to pluck them out and put them in the stroller so we wouldn't miss the finish line. It was well worth it.


The boys like the movement in the subway. I wasn't sure how the hr there and hr back would go. But they did well. Hope this is foreshadowing for their plane ride. 
Let me explain Charles's bald spot on the left side of his head. He had some cradle cap and my instinct was to rub the flakes away in the tub. Right? Wrong! His hair came with. But it was a minor overlook-able area that has continued to recede into a very noticeable left side of the head is completely bald. People comment on how he must be sleeping on just that side of his head. Wish that was the truth. The right side is still full of hair. 

Mother's Day...

I wish I was good with words and could sit down and plainly articulate what this Mother's Day meant to me personally as a new mom. With a few failed attempts, I'll just stick to pictures as it pertains to me as a mom. Needless to say, it was an extra special celebration. Not only was Andrew so thoughtful and generous in honoring me, but I'm overwhelmed at the love and support my mom continuously and tirelessly shows me. She has enabled me the past 3 months, as a mother now of these precious twin boys, more than I can begin to explain. It's just plain not fair how good she is to me. Out of the twin's first 14 weeeks of life, she has been here helping almost 7 weeks of that. I sobbed I'm Not Sure I Can Do This Without You tears when she left. We actually do just fine without her. But one thing in particular I miss was when Andrew would leave to go to work and she would come walking in the door so I could go back to sleep for a couple hours. Most of all, she gave my boys so much love. The distance won't hold her back from being a hands on outstanding Grandmother. And this means so much from a mom (me) who daily wonders if she can possibly give these two boys all the love they need and deserve. My capacity to love has greatly increased that's for sure. But the added adoration given to the twins from their Grandma is cherished this holiday. 

Andrew got me the most beautiful orchid corsage to wear to church. The only pic I got was with my phone so it's looks yellow. 


We went to CT Sunday night to celebrate with Andrew's mom. Auntie Lilly was in town. Cousin Gabe has lots of practice from his younger brother, Will.


We were able to meet baby James in Greenwich who was just 4 days old at the time. Play date! The twins were on their best behavior for this greatly anticipated introduction. Or perhaps they were just getting reacquainted from a few months prior. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Diaper ∆ing...

Andrew & I have come a long way. I couldn't have changed more than 10 diapers before the boys were born. But I'm quickly making up for lost time. This pic is over 4 years old, shortly after we were married. 

Hope this is internet appropriate. 

Future Cowboys...

Danielle, who I met at my prior employment, and her mom made me the most beautiful cowboy quilt. It's the boys first and most likely only handmade quilt. What a thoughtful labor intensive gift that we will cherish forever.



I can't wait to get the twins on a horse. These pics of my nephews on horseback are too cute not to share. The last pic is of Dixon asleep. That's a good horse that follows his master in front. Brad, the horse, is older than I am. I grew up riding him too.