Wednesday, December 26, 2012

McKenzie Childs Christmas...

My mom and I share a passion for McKenzie Child's and all their color. In the last couple months, they opened a new store on 57th a couple doors down from the original that is much bigger than the last. We stopped there on our way to see Santa at Bloomingdales. I'm glad I got a pic of the twins next to the ceramic tree that you can call your own for only 50 grand. *cough* For an afternoon delight, browse through their catalog here

If you're wondering if you really see C&C in tights, you're right. Staying warm in their Christmas monogramed romper...

"Don't mess with Charles" face while Clyde is waving his Christmas Tree pen that is caught in motion in between their two faces. 

The desk in my room is a beautiful MC.  And it's only appropriate that one of my most cherished pics of the twins is on one of their round setting seats that my mom has in her entry way with the twins in their blessing gowns. pic of a pic...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NYC Christmas Window walk....

The window displays in the major department stores are incredible. It's hardly about the apparel, but mainly for entertainment contributing largely to the Christmas atmosphere in New York. Some department stores have a launch party revealing their eye-candy. Last year, I wasn't in the position to window walk waddle. I feared pre-term labor. So here's to 2012's window walk. I think window stroll, double wide,  probably fits my experience best.   Although Andrew and I planned on heading out one night when the twins were asleep with a sitter, but with his work and other Christmas parties, it was best for me to go with the twins in the daytime instead. Here was my route with the twins...

Bergdorf Goodman
Saks Fifth Ave. 
Lord & Taylor


Across from Bergdorf is the iconic Plaza with a pileup of Christmas trees in the circle center filling what is a fountain in the summer time. 

1. Bergdorf Goodman



Bergdorf's display are most ornate and certainly extravagant. More so than any others, I want to live in the display and be the manikin for just a moment.  The mirrors/sequins display was my favorite. Loved the art-deco theatre window too.  I'm wishing I had my actual camera and didn't just take with my phone now as I do this post. 

2. Barney's

Some people were so upset with Barney's Electric Holiday release of "Skinny Minnie" on runway. Heavens forbid if we distort a disney character making her a worldy tall and skinny one. I thought it was brilliant. I wasn't able to stick around for the entire digital showing because the twins got antsy. They prefer to be on the go, wheels up. But I loved what I saw. Although I've walked by many times, I don't know that I've ever been in this department store come to think of it. 

3. Bloomingdales

I failed to take many pics at Bloomies. Opps. I was tuckered out after seeing Santa on the 8th floor. Their theme catered to Cirque du Soleil which was really neat. They had some opportunities for the onlookers to be in a pic that re-displayed in the window with you in it. I actually thought about doing it but too many people hovering. 

Then headed over to 5th Ave where there was plenty to see...   

Eye-level with snow-flake on 57th from 3rd floor of Tiffany's.



4. Saks 5th Ave...

So I don't actually have any pics of Sak's window display. The snowflake lightshow on the facade of the building is a sight. I was keeping pace as I walked by the actual windows. but there seemed to be more to the snowflake theme.

5. Lord & Taylor.... 


The smaller window displays on the side of the building resembled snow globes where it seemed like you had to look closely to see the magic inside. 
The big window displays along the front of the building, as seen below, represented various strong Christmas traditions around the world such as a snow-covered Central Park as well as bright red lanterns in Asia and another in Germany. 

This was Lord & Taylor's 75th year of special holiday window displays. 

Loved this panorama of the main floor there in the store. 

This Santa get-up might rival walking/pushing the twins by the window displays.  

Merry Christmas 2012...

to you and yours

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gingerbread contest at Le Parker Meridien...

It's a lovely stroll to Le Parker Meridien. Norma's brunch and Ten Over Ten mani seems to be the best of it's kind here in the city located there at the hotel. But for the holiday, they have a beautiful origami Christmas tree up in their lobby as well as a gingerbread contest to view. There were about 10 gingerbread displays completed by local bakeries and restaurants here in the city, all fascinating and creative work to see.

The theme was "Landmarks Around The World."

I failed to know what bakery did what. Bummer. Great Sphink above by Rolling Pin Productions.
"Hurricrane Sandy" & "Candicrane" below was my favorite of One57 and I would agree it is soon a landmark of the world. 

Lincoln Memorial by Baked Ideas

Toji Tower by Kyotofu

Gingerbreads available to view until January 3rd. 

Cold NYC night...

We got the boys snow suits in anticipation for a white Christmas. We thought we'd test them out with a stroll in the neighborhood without the stroller. 3 blocks out, my arms were hurting and I was wishing I had wheels . 

Standing in our hotel lobby

I can always count on the staff at LuLu to gush. I was there the night before I delivered and go back often. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Les Miserables premiere...

Can't wait to see the movie at last.  Andrew and I walked down to the premiere on the 10th hoping to see the red carpet. We were defiantly on the outskirts of it all but neat to see Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe get out of their cars--staggered timing of course. We chose the wrong spot to stand before the cars started arriving so we weren't actually close enough to get a good pic on our phones. Better luck next time. This experience only added to the anticipation for the film's release. I was highly entertained by all the 'extras' or 'additional invites' who were dressed to the nine for their big event. 

The clear tent as seen below is where the red carpet in. We were standing on the other side of the street. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn & Ditch Plains...

Brooklyn hosted a festive 4-miler a couple weeks ago that I'm glad we signed up for. Deep down I wish I was more of a runner and could attach a marathon to my invisible list of life accomplishments. But I don't think that would be best on my child bearing years. For most girls, I'm sure it's no problem. But probably not for myself.  I've maybe run less than 5 times since the twins were born. So 4 miles was no breeze for me. 

How cute in the mom below running with her baby? In the Bjorn and not the Ergo too I must add (heavier on the back)? 
I stared at her from afar wishing Andrew and I were in tow with the boys. And then approached her and shamefully asked for a pic as you see below. I assured her I was a mom too and not just a crazy lady asking for her pic. When I told her I had twin boys at home she quickly asked their names. I'm not used to people asking their names so quickly. For some reason, people were more interested in what I'd be calling my babies when I was pregnant rather than now that they're here. Maybe cause prior to the name set in stone they can have an opinion. I dunno Anyways, she asked their names. And when I told her, she told me not to be creeped out but she had blogged about me.  Read the post here. Small world even in NYC, huh? We then put the connection together that we're both mormon. So there you have it. I'm glad I decided to approach a stranger and ask for her pic. 


About half of the 6,000 runners were dress silly and clearly out there to have a good time. Others were there to put in another NYRR race to qualify for the NYC marathon. Runners were organized into about 6 groups (color bib) by how fast you run. Andrew was surprised we were grouped into the fastest lump of people. There weren't any festive dressers in "the serious runners crowd" except for this Santa. I might of stretched the truth about our pace when I signed up for the race. Would you rather be the one getting passed or doing all the passing? I say the one getting passed so you don't have to deal with weaving in and out of people traffic running up on other's heals. 


A bit blurry becasue taken with my phone while in motion, "Sorry I Passed You." And then a guy ran by in a speedo with his number on his bum. 


Since we had a sitter, we went ahead and ate brunch too at Ditch Plains (UWS). Red Velvet Pancakes on the weekend, yes please. The next Saturday, our friends went and ate next to Matt Damon and his wife. That's all our brunch was missing.