Friday, January 4, 2013

ABC Home & ABC Kitchen...

Friends. Shopping. Santa. Brunch.

We joined the Davis's for brunch at ABC Kitchen a couple of weeks ago. We went plenty early to visit Santa at ABC Home as well. The long line to see Santa ended up going fairly quickly. Lizzie and were able to walk around at a couple of the shops...

The line is deceiving in this pictures. It wrapped around the block actually. 

I think I'd rather eat with wood utensils myself. White eye-candy there at ABC...

Charles (left) Clyde (right)

Clyde (left) Charles (right) This one was hard, except I remember Charles being the one I carried after. 

Thanks Lizzie for the hard-to-get-called-months-in-advance reservation that I have had failed attempts at multiple times. We were seated at a round table which seems so unusual for cramped space city dining. It was so enjoyable and conducive for visiting. ABC has a eco-friendly feel that is glamorous too.

The magical french toast. Can't decide if this pic is appetizing but it was so delicious with a crunch, not so much a thick bready feel. Horrible review on my part, but it's the best french toast that I can recall.

Vegetable table there in the restuarant. All the dining decor comes from their ABC Home store that is connected.  

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Lizzie said...

Not a bad set up for us when the dad's wait in line while we shop :)