Friday, January 25, 2013

Andy Warhol exhibit...

The MET had an Andy Warhol exhibit a couple months ago that I took the twins to (found out no strollers allowed when I got there). I was a bit disappointed because it was mostly Andy Warhol inspired art that doesn't interest me whatsoever. If nothing else, I learned his work attracts the crazies. For seeing his name plastered all over marketing the exhibit, I think there were only a few of his actual pieces. And because I couldn't bring my stroller in, nor the twins, because I don't get too far with them w/out the stoller and the friend that was watching them had one of her own to watch, I practically ran through the exhibit concluding I had no interest to come back if I could find the time. How's that for a run-on sentence?

Simultaneous with the MET's Andy Warhol Exhibit was BYU's Museum of Art's Andy Warhol Exhibit. At Christmas, I was able to meet my brother/wife there. I think the MOA (what the locals call the museum; they speak in acronyms) should have loaned the MET their AW art because they clearly had all the good stuff. 

Are you wondering why I even care about Andy Warhol? I fell in love at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Pics of the Queen. The royal family. And Anna Wintour.

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe eye candy. I need to watch a documentary on her. I'm clearly missing the infatuation but neat art nevertheless. 


Both of the exhibits had a weird room at the end with silver balloons floating around. It was called Silver Clouds and is considered a work of art. It didn't seem like anything more than helium balloons floating around that the twins were intrigued with. But it has deep meaning--something about never traveling the same path twice. 

 John Wayne!  

Two other amazing pieces in the MOA that were neat to see in person. How about the nativity scene below with the hundreds on angels. I'm glad I could experience something of its kind on a much smaller scale. 

So good seeing Harold over the holiday as he was spending Christmas with his inlaws too. 



Pics below are in NYC "regarding Warhol"

These were the signs that lined 5th Ave luring me in to the MET. Now that I read closer I see it is 60 artists regarding Warhol. Boo!

No pics allowed in the MET's exhibit so I was only able to slip this one. 

Modern art? Sure!


Lizzie said...

I'm so glad you went! The MOA really outdid the MET on this one. The Queens are my fave.

neil and jes said...

I wonder if it was the same exhibit that was in Singapore earlier this year (the helium balloons were there). I loved it!

James said...

"Ethel Scull 36 times" is such a wonderful, groundbreaking work; an all-time personal favorite of mine. Considering the MET exhibit was so disappointing/lacking in actual Warhol, may I suggest taking the children to see Sinister POP at the Whitney? On view through March 31st, Sinister POP features more than six or seven of Andy's most important paintings from the early silver Factory era, including: Before & After (1962), Birmingham Race Riot (1964), and Nine Jackies (1963). Here you will find precisely what you did not find at the MET! An absolutely stunning, incredibly beautiful and just plain FUN! assembly of Andy's best, mostly from their permanent collection. Hope you can make it!