Monday, January 28, 2013

Babies on Dogs by Blake Grimmer...

Short story long, I got on email from a friend in mommy group about her husband's friend who is doing a photo project called Babies on Dogs. He ultimately wants to produce a book. The prior pics of babies riding dogs that he had on his site were adorable.  I love dogs. And I rarely pass up a photo opportunity with the twins. So I emailed Blake and told him I have 2 babies, but no dog. We arranged to meet in the park where there are plenty of dogs that we could potentially recruit. 

I love that we got a pic on the ionic wooden benches along The Mall of trees in Central Park. There is only one thing that would have made this pic better--twin dogs. Is there such a thing? 

I hope this doesn't disappoint, but the twins didn't really ride the dog. They rode my leg and Blake then photo-shoots them onto the dog that stands in the exact same spot for framing purposes.


Lizzie said...

Ha! I've been waiting for this picture! Adorable of course, even though I'm not a dog person.... :)

hales said...

Mary Martha -- you don't know me, but your mom and my husband are cousins. (David Hales) Blake Grimmer was in our ward here in So. Cal when he was a little guy. We've kept in touch with his family over the years. So fun to see that his photography is going well. Small world.