Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cabin Christmas...


It was so nice to have the extra space for the twins. We don't have room to store nor use push toys so this was really exciting. 


Dance party on Christmas Eve. Almost fun enough to wake the twins up for it. Not quite though...

panorama action shots

Family nativity in the barn. Like my beard? Andrew and I were Shepherds. & our little sheep were fast asleep.

Santa likes wooden toys and matching smocks too. 



Uncle Ben pushing Charles in his walker and Clyde sitting in the rocking chair.



Cousin Conner kept the twins occupied a good while with this remote control car that he kept out of the twins reach. 

100% girl right here. Testing out her new makeup on her momma. She gave me a one of a kind manicure too. 

Andrew is so proud of his onsie ski-suit and Katie is equally proud of her old school snow coat from the early 90's. 

After a late night on New Year's Eve, Grandpa Lowell woke the whole house up by playing this instrument early the next morning. Love him!

Great seeing some of my family over the holiday too. Love these two. Next stop, Houston. 


Kellee Marie Cook said...

Harold and I look so haggard! but the twins looking precious as always!

Lizzie said...

Grandpa Lowell! In the stories you told me you never mentioned he played the accordion. Amazing!