Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Tree tour in NYC...

All in the spirit of Christmas, we managed to fit a Christmas tree in our 4x4 apartment. However, the best place for it seemed to be on top of our table making it baby proof and perfectly adorable. 

As I strolled around, I took pics of the various Christmas trees I saw on my phone. This is one of my favorite characteristics of Christmas in NYC, huge grandiose trees. 

Helmsley Hotel & Rockefeller Center, distorted pic as this tree is almost 100 ft. tall

 Trump on 5th Ave. & Plaza Hotel Lobby
Bloomberg Tree & The Apthorp courtyard, once home of Nora Ephron, Conan O'Brein, & Rosie O'Donnell
Origami Tree in Le Parker Meridien Lobby & a random building lobby that I ran an errand in (can't remember)
THE Metropolitan Museum of Art Angel tree with Nativity below & THE Origami Tree in the Natural Museum of Art
One of the many Christmas Trees down the center of Park Ave.
Terribly framed pic of Lincoln Center Tree & McKenzie Childs ceramic tree
Christmas Tree in the boat afloat outside The Boathouse
So these weren't actually in NY but let's add them to this year's collection. Utah's Grand America and City Creek
Louisiana Trees--Breanna's house, Mom's house, & Elsong Gardens
My fav. of them all

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breanna said...

Whoohooo!! I was included in the tree post;) the trees in NYC are all amazing!!!