Thursday, January 17, 2013

Central Park on a dreary day...

Central Park doesn't need much of an explanation accrediting its greatness in all its glory. I'm slowly but surely finding subtle treasures in the park as I go back often, such as the time I walked around exploring the bench plaques. A recent adventure was forced by the construction taking place above our apartment. It was a rainy day and I had no other option but to put the twins in the stroller and go. The power drill was scary for the boys. We went to the park and walked around for probably two hours and saw less than 25 people. That's a rarity.

The pic above is looking down Manhattan Mall of trees. It's beautiful in the fall with all the leaves but still very neat leaf-less.

Bethesda Fountain

empty Conservatory Pond

Plaza on CPS

Wollman Rink


The former Tavern on the Green is under extensive construction.

Sheep's Meadow on a sunny day

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