Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Naughty or Nice...

I don't even know why I buy toys for the kids. They much prefer a miscellaneous item in my purse or something from the kitchen. They probably played with these spatulas for an hour. You would think that each having their own was enough, but the naughty spatula had the tag hanging from the bottom so  they both grabbed for it. 


Charles must of worked 5 minutes to get an ornament down off the tree. It was hard to reach and pull at the same time since he didn't have anything sturdy to hold on to. Clyde and I just watched him. I was amazed.

Charles was so proud when he pulled one down. He was waving it in from of Clyde who then bursted into tears because he wanted one to. Only difference, he made no effort to actually get it. So I grabbed one down for him too. 




Fletch said...

you have such a beautiful family ! & the little matching outfits for your boys are darling!!

Andrew Checketts said...

This is definitely one of your best post yet. Top 5 for sure!