Friday, January 18, 2013

Partying with the Penas...

This marks our 6th time meeting up with the Penas in 2012 (NY, LA, UT, NY, NH, UT). 
We arrived at the Pena's house around midnight missing virtually all of our luggage. Courtney supplied us with everything we needed until diapers/clothes and so forth arrive 36 hours later. But the best part of the night was when Courtney and Christian woke Sydney Caroline up at midnight when we got in so she could see the twins. That is true love right there--waking up your baby when she is well into her sleep. SC was so happy to see her guys. It was adorable. 

This pic is too cute. She put on her Tu-Tu and was dancing for Charles. 

Another matching PJ shot. Remember the last one?

Court's house perfectly decorated at Christmas. 

We ended up staying an additional night at the Penas waiting on our luggage to come before we headed out to the mountains. We put the boys down and got a sitter before Christian took us to his office building that has such a beautiful view--overlooks the ice-skating rink too. Double date with these two without the kids--hasn't happened in probably 3 years. 

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