Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa Claus x's 6...

My mantra for the twins their 1st Christmas was to visit Santa Claus(s). My goal was to take them to as many Santas as possible. Whether or not this was more for me or them, I'm too ashamed to say. But we had great fun doing it. 

1. Plaza Hotel - First one visited and favorite of them all. No line. City skyline in the backdrop. Located next to their Food Hall, home of the best black/white cookie in the city. Authentic beard. Friendly but not weird Santa. Let me take my own pics. Plaza's gold crest of his hat making the perfect touch to Santa's outfit.  

Clyde (left) Charles (right) 

2. Bloomingdales's Santa - Very interactive and talked to the kids extensively as if they understood. Got up out of his chair to greet the twins. Santa had a cold though and had to blow his nose in between each visitor. Won't hold that against him, but it was gross. The backdrop of his chair was a bit junky, in fact, an eyesore. Let me take my own pics without paying anything. Hardly a line. Located on the 8th floor in the kids section.

Clyde (left) Charles (right)

3. ABC Home Santa - the most famous of them all. 21 years now in costume. Authentic beard & rosy red cheeks. Incredible costume. Ridiculously long line outside in the cold - 1.5 hr. and we got there 15 minutes after Santa arrived. Only in store on Saturdays.  Gives a handmade lollipop. No professional photographer setup so a bit chaotic trying to position the kids and take your own photo. Coupled with ABC brunch makes for an incredible morning... 

Clyde (left) Charles (right)

4. Macy's Santaland - Since I went mid-week/mid-day, I had only a 15 minute wait which is about what you want to enjoy all Santaland has to offer. It is quite the getup for sure. They have the get you in, get you out method down pat with a maze full of entertainment as you wait.

 Clyde (left) Charles (right) I'm only 80% positive though

Boys probably sick of Santa by this point. Classic blank stare. But there wasn't a tear. 

5. Church Christmas Party - Mark Weinberg was generous to take pics of the kids with Santa at this years Christmas Party. When he was all done taking Santa pics, I asked for a family pic that we didn't anticipate but greatly appreciated using on our Christmas card

Clyde (left) Charles (right)

6. Grand America in Salt Lake City - Andrew's Grandpa hosts all his grand & great-grand children to a breakfast with Santa at the Grand America. What a treat to get a pics with Mrs. Claus as well. We flew into Utah the night prior and got in around mid-night to learn that 3 or our 4 luggage pieces didn't make the flight. How that happens with a direct flight that we arrived to 2 hours early, I do not know. So here are the boys in their winter-white PJ's and button up sweaters that my husband thinks in ultra-feminine. I must admit that being without luggage for 36 hours was hardly an inconvenience when my BF lives close and has everything we could possibly need there with her.

Charles (left) Clyde (right)

Clyde making sure Santa's beard was real. Charles checking Mrs. Claus out.

I didn't find out until it was too late that Bergdorf Goodman has a Santa as well who is available for visitors on Sundays, email reservations only. Pish! 

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Lizzie said...

I can't decide what I like most about this post: all the Santa's or all the different Christmas smocks.

Next year James & I will be making a visit to the Plaza Santa for sure, as well as ABC Home. The wait was long but look at that guy. The real deal for sure. Plus when the husbands wait in line for us it really works out well :)