Monday, January 21, 2013

The Armory's Ann Hamilton Swing Installation...

I don't have a strong preference for modern art. But I'll take interactive art, such a 100 foot long chained swing with huge wooden benches.  Although I missed the interpretation of the lady sitting the the desk writing as she looked into the mirror, as well as a dangling sheet, and aristotle quotes over the loud speakers located in lunch-brown bags on the floor (that my friend thought could be a bomb), or the doves that are let off in the armory every evening...the swings were a party. 


Lizzie lucked out with James's nap so she got to free-lance a bit. Every time I put the twins down they crawled like they've never seen such a big space before, which they haven't. I had two different security people tell me they could get splinters. What do you do? I was more concerned another swinger could wack them in the head. The old wooden floors were so neat. I wonder how old. I'll be tracking the Armory events going forward. Walking across the park is one of my favorite things. 

Missing 2 more that were off on swings. 
Too close to not taste Laduree...


Plaza's Food Hall for lunch. Just didn't want the play-date with these 2 to end so just one more stop

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